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Why A Strong Online Presence Is Critical To Your Business’s Success In 2020

The 2020 pandemic is a stressful and anxious time for everyone. Business owners and employees alike are experiencing uncertainties. As a business owner, you are concerned with keeping your company successful through this year and beyond. By maintaining a strong brand online, you can retain your customers and attract new ones, and you can also provide necessary items to the public.

A Lifeline During the Pandemic

While it is prudent to always be prepared for business fluctuations that may impact your business negatively, no one could have foreseen the enormous toll that the pandemic is having on many businesses that depend on foot traffic. If your business has a strong online presence and can effectively deliver the goods that people want and need, then you have a greater chance of surviving through this economic emergency. Maintaining good communications with your customers is vital, and you need to be clear about realistic expectations. Update your site to reflect your current policies on availability, shipping policies, item quotas, customer service, and any other relevant issues.

It’s Where the Consumers Are

During this time of curtailed onsite shopping, the majority of people will be buying products online instead of at a store. With 87% of customers initiating their search for goods and services online, if you don’t have a strong enough online presence you’ll be lost among the thousands of other businesses they have to choose from. Your goal is to first have products on hand for your customers. Try to keep your supply chain moving. Investigate alternative products you can sell online if necessary. Evaluate your web site and ensure that your products are easy to find and purchase. It is critical that your site navigation is pleasant and painless.

Employee Concerns

One of the most difficult aspects of this 2020 pandemic is the cost to your employees. Your goal is to keep the business viable so that it will provide future benefits to you and to your employees, but providing support to your workers is also a factor. You will need to carefully weigh health concerns against necessary work-related tasks. Fortunately, most work associated with maintaining a commercial web site can be handled remotely. Provide your staff with the technical tools they need to work from home and consider hiring out IT and other online services if you do not have an in-house IT department.

The situation created by the 2020 pandemic is unprecedented, and the future ramifications are unknown. If your business can weather the next several months and take advantage of the relief that is being provided by the federal government, then hopefully things will become more normalized soon. However, customers can be fickle, and you want to ensure that your business keeps their attention in the meanwhile. A strong online presence will help retain your customer base.

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