Why am I receiving these invites for Kiwi?

Do we really need another social media app?


Have you been receiving invites for this app? What is Kiwi? The Kiwi App is shooting to the top of the charts because many users are inadvertently inviting their friends to try the app out while signing up in it.

Kiwi is a fast and easy way to ask your friends interesting questions and find out what they think. You answer questions about yourself and share your thoughts with the world. Follow your friends and interesting personalities to create a personalized feed. Share your profile to gain a following.

It is also a profile generating tool for the app owners. It helps them develop a highly qualified lead that is valuable to sell to product marketers. The more you participate the more valuable you are for them to sell. It’s a social media app. If you feel interested in it, go ahead. If you don’t, turn off the option for being able to be invited to the app. Be careful when installing. Installing the Kiwi app sends automatic invites to all your Facebook friends as they were selected by default.