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How to Create an e-Commerce Site That Customers Will Love

When it comes to starting a new business, innovations in technology have allowed the average person to give it a go. Ease of access and affordability provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their talents and services to the world. However, simply having the opportunity isn’t enough to succeed. A well-developed business plan; marketing strategy; and most importantly, the right website must all be in place if you wish to succeed. The following list entails how to create an e-commerce website that your customers will love and continue to come back to.

Make It Easy to Navigate

More often than not, most of your customers will be arriving at your website via their smartphones. It is a common mistake for entrepreneurs to prepare their website solely based on the aspects of a traditional computer browser. What looks great on a desktop might look hideous on a smartphone. Appearance aside, this can also wreck navigation for site visitors. If customers cannot locate your categories list or even search for the item they want, they will no doubt move onto the competition and forget all about you. You only have one chance to impress them, and having a difficult navigational system is not the right way to do it.


Loading times are a serious issue with new startups. Often, they don’t, or refuse to, anticipate the amount of traffic a successful marketing tactic can generate. So when the time comes for them to welcome all their new customers to their site, it simply crashes. A slow site or one that crashes often tells your customers that you are not well prepared to handle their business. Confidence lowers, and they begin to think about taking that business elsewhere.

Verify Their Address During Checkout

Automatic address verification can fix a variety of problems by autocorrecting common misspellings, appending missing information, translating information into relevant abbreviations and adjusting to the USPS’s preferred format. Providing this for your customers is a win-win situation as it lowers the risk of products never arriving and your inventory from taking a hit.

Detailed Product Pages

One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make with his or her website is to neglect the product page. When it comes to making the sale, it is not enough for people to land on your page. You must also sell to them while they are there. This means hyping up your product or service (with facts, not overly promotional copy) as well as detailing every single item and advantage they will receive when they purchase from you. Implement this into your website, and watch your conversations increase. 

Running your own e-commerce business can be a dream come true. However, simply putting a website up is not enough to generate sales. If you want to earn your customers’ trust, loyalty, and money, then the above actions where you should start.

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