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Custom Web Design has changed

For years “WABW Media Group” has defined “Custom Web Design” as “Built from Scratch”, but the industry trends are rapidly changing, making fully customized websites obsolete and no longer necessary.

With the growing trend of responsive design needs, mobile users and fast-paced Internet industry, it makes sense to rely on foolproof and test-worthy models.

Even though your website might not be programmed from absolute scratch, it doesn’t need to be, as long as it highlights your personality.

Our company specializes in creating custom web designs that reflect your unique style; meeting your specifications while remaining, eye-catching and inherently scalable thanks to our clever use of globally acclaimed platform such as WordPress and others.

With your company’s growth in mind, we take your particular design and integrate it into a fully functional, search engine optimized framework that adheres to W3C standards, in line with your professional needs and marketing strategies.



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Professional Results for Small Businesses

Over the years clients have come to us with their horror stories. Many small businesses have gone with a cheap do-it-yourself website solution while others spent their budget on a larger more expensive “web marketing agency” and never got a return on their investment. Our clients love us because we simply deliver a website that looks good, performs well and can be found in the search engines.