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AMP Over Regular Content

A survey from 9to5Google suggests users prefer Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) over regular content.

The survey poses the question: “Are you more inclined to click on an AMP link than a regular one?”

With nearly 1500 respondents at the time of this writing, over 50% say “Yes, I prefer the stripped down versions of websites when reading something.”

Other responses include:

No, if I want to read something, I will open the link whether it’s AMP or not – 24%
No, I prefer loading the entire website – 13%
Yes, but only when my device is using mobile data and I don’t want to load a full website – 9%
Other – 2%
As with any survey, interpret the results how you will. On one hand, it could mean many users prefer to click on an AMP link when they see one.

On the other hand, it could mean people who have an affinity toward Google prefer AMP – a technology championed by Google.

To that argument, I would point toward the r/Google sub-Reddit, a community that complains about AMP more often than not.

In any case, I thought this was a survey worth drawing attention to. There have been many surveys about how SEOs feel about utilizing AMP technology, but a noticeable lack of surveys about how the end-user actually feels about viewing AMP content.

Are you more likely to click on an AMP link versus a regular link?

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